My experience with Brunner Construction started out as a "forced marriage" as he was the low bidder for a major project I was working on. I was pleased with the personal interest he gave the project and his willingness to go that extra mile to get the job done right. He generated a sense of trust for both me and my clients, to the extent that we now seek him out for non-bid work.

Ross Jamieson
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Brunner Construction Company
is committed to the whole project, from conception to completion.

When it comes to construction projects, our clients want more than just a general contractor — they want someone to work with them through the entire process of visioning, designing, and building the project.

Our approach is more than simply a contractor who bids your work, or of a construction manager who coordinates but does not actually build the project. Our role is as a Construction Manager Contractor (CMC) — blending the advantages of each and providing continuity.

Our Guiding Beliefs

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  • At Brunner Construction, we believe that a collaborative approach, maximizing the strengths and contributions of each team member, results in the best project for the owner.
  • Quality is not optional — it is essential to a successful project. Materials, workmanship and documentation must meet a high standard that guarantees the integrity of the finished project.
  • Honesty in communications, accounting, scheduling and relationships is the standard. Our ethics don't bend because of situational changes.
  • We adhere to professional standards in all of our dealings with clients, suppliers, subcontractors and employees. We believe in working smart, maintaining personal commitment and delivering what we promise.
  • We value long-term relationships with clients, consultants, employees, vendors and subcontractors. Mutual respect and trust enables all members of a project team to work effectively and efficiently.

Our Commitment

The development and realization of a project occurs in three general phases. Brunner Construction has an important role to play in each.

You can expect us to be actively engaged throughout your project as follows:

  • Visioning: After identifying your needs and opportunities, you need a vision to make things happen. We will assist by consulting on site conditions, construction methods, comparative cost and time requirements, and other due-diligence issues.
  • Blueprints Designing: When your project is in design, we work with your design team providing information on constructability, cost-effective construction methods, materials availability, and other issues where design, cost and time considerations can collide.
  • Building: This is where we take the lead — procuring materials and services that meet both price and quality standards, providing on-site management of construction, scheduling, cost accounting and delivering a professionally completed project.

Our Unique Value

The sum of all the following qualities is what makes Brunner Construction unique.

  • Depth of experience: Our management and supervisory team has more than 20 years in the construction industry.
  • Breadth of experience: We have significant experience in building, road, bridge, and heavy construction. We have built multiple projects in the commercial, medical, industrial and institutional sectors.
  • Established relationships: We have long-term relationships with clients, architects, engineers, consultants, suppliers and subcontractors, which allow us to quickly assemble a specialized team to meet your needs.
  • Commitment: We are committed to serving our clients and our community. We are active in local and regional economic development, public-private partnerships and community enhancement projects.
  • Fairness and ethical standards: A way of life, not just a motto.

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