When working with Brunner Construction I found Todd to be believable, honest and trustworthy, always keeping my best interest in mind. It's refreshing when someone does what he says he is going to do; it certainly builds a level of trust. Remodeling jobs can be somewhat complicated: Todd's vision allowed for the property to work, finishing the job on time and under budget. He is meticulous about his work and the quality of work from his subcontractors. I would absolutely refer him to my associates.

Tim Grout
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Brunner Construction Company
offers in-depth services focused on commercial, industrial, and institutional construction.

Consistent with our philosophy of working collaboratively and contributing to the entire vision-design-build process, we offer a full range of construction services to meet your requirements.

We work with you before, during and after the actual construction, tailoring services to your needs. From building major structures to focusing on specific building problems, we want to be your construction solution .

We offer multiple services in four major areas:

  • Preconstruction Services: These are services that assist you in making early decisions and aid the design team throughout the design process. These services save you time and money, resolve issues on paper rather than in steel and concrete, and streamline the entire project.
  • Site and Building Construction: We develop construction sites, build new buildings, and expand existing buildings. In conjunction with the Preconstruction Services, we make visions and designs a reality.
  • Interior Construction: Often called Tenant Improvements, this type of construction focuses building out the spaces within the main building shell or remodeling existing spaces. Our knowledge of building shell construction enables us to work effectively with modifications to existing building systems while protecting your ongoing operations.
  • Special Focus Projects: Many projects defy categorization — but that doesn't mean the need doesn't exist. Our expertise in this area is the result of our repeat clients' trust in our ability to problem-solve, innovate, and work with them in a collaborative and creative manner.

We want to talk to you about your upcoming Site and Building Construction, Expansion, Interior, or Special Focus Project.

Contact us and let our collaborative approach to construction work for you.

Preconstruction Services

preconstruct imagePreconstruction Services position you for the most successful construction project possible. Valuable components of a successful project include working through early issues and options, providing feedback during design, and preparing the project team for the actual construction.

A majority of these services are included in the construction contract and integrated into our process. Specifically, these services can include:

  • Site Selection Consultation — Review building sites for potential problems and opportunities. Provide information on appropriate building and site development techniques.
  • Preliminary Estimating - Provide conceptual square-foot costs on different types of construction. Further into design, provide more accurate costs based upon current systems and market costs.
  • Constructability Review — Review site and building plans for potential time and cost issues due to specific design conflicts or complexities. Input can be based on factors such as the efficiency of construction methods or material selection.
  • Schedule Development — Review lead times for materials, construction sequencing, potential impacts of seasonal weather, labor and subcontractor availability and impact mitigation on owner's operations.
  • Design Team Collaboration — Work with the design team to provide specific input on design issues. Provide specialty trade information and current market information as design progresses. Attend design meetings as requested.
  • Value Engineering Review — When costs for specific building systems come in too high, solicit cost-saving items from specialty subcontractors and material suppliers while preserving design intent.
  • Construction Management Consultation — When not specifically contracted for the construction portion of a project, provide the services previously listed on a consultant basis. Can be on a single project or a program basis.

Site and Structure Construction

site construct image

We prepare building sites, construct new buildings, and expand and/or renovate existing structures. We provide the project estimates, solicit competitive bids for commodity-type materials and systems, and negotiate for special systems. We manage the entire construction project with both office and field expertise.

When we are selected early in the negotiated project, we provide the Preconstruction Services previously discussed. Our Site and Structure Construction projects usually fall into one of these three categories:

  • Site Development — Site development can occur with or without building construction. Where site development is part of a building project, it is integrated into the overall project and is scheduled for maximum sequencing and cost benefit.

    Where site development is a stand-alone project and requires more than standard earthwork and utility construction, we apply our project management procedures to select and coordinate specialty contractors, work with local government and utility organizations, and provide specific building pad preparations as required by the project specifics.

  • New Building Construction — We construct projects that utilize the negotiated, select bid, and open bid process. Our preference is the negotiated method that results in a fully collaborative effort where we provide preconstruction services as part of the contract. It is the most cost and time effective approach to the construction process.

    We build commercial, industrial, institutional and mixed-use types of buildings. We have constructed facilities for retail, office, light industrial, medical, school, and municipal purposes.

    Our medical construction experience includes clinics, surgery centers, medical examiner's facilities, hospital facilities and health and wellness centers.

  • Additions and Renovations to Existing Buildings — Working with an existing structure requires special attention to the original design and the subsequent modifications to the building. Often there will be many generations of additions and remodels to a structure that can significantly affect project design and construction methods and sequencing.

    As with new buildings, we prefer the team approach to these projects, working with the owner and design team as early as possible to find the least expensive and most effective way to reconfigure or add on to an existing structure.

Interior Construction

interior construct image Interior projects can be simple and straightforward, or complex and torturous. In either case, we bring expertise working in or near occupied spaces. We work to minimize disruption to your operations and provide a new interior space as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Interior projects can take a variety of forms: office tenant improvements, commercial and retail space, medical clinics and hospital facilities changes, industrial reconfigurations, and institutional remodels.

Special Focus Projects

special construct imageSometimes owners and architects bring projects and problems to us that just defy classification, other than they require special focus and intense problem solving. We have developed a team approach to meeting these needs and have invested in special modular equipment that can be mobilized quickly by our personnel.

We work with a select group of specialty contractors and suppliers who are experienced in responding to unusual situations both quickly and in a professional manner. The focus is on solving your problem in the most timely and cost-effective manner. Just because the situation is urgent or unusual doesn't mean that cost control is not a requirement.

Some of our recent Special Focus Projects can be grouped as follows:

  • Major maintenance — Sometimes a maintenance issue is more complicated than calling an electrician or a plumber. Often one building system affects another, and modifications and repairs require a team approach managed by experienced field personnel with large-project experience.
  • Closeout — We have been called in many times to complete specific work on a project where the owner and the contractor are in disagreement or other contractual complications exist. With one major institutional owner, we earned the title "The Closer" for our repeated successful resolution of difficult issues.
  • Troubleshooting — Sometimes there are symptoms or problems, but no obvious cause. We respond by providing experienced supervisory personnel who have large-project experience, which gives them a holistic perspective of building problems and solutions. Add prequalified specialty contractors and we can usually track down the cause and provide a solution.
  • Special constraints - Working in occupied spaces, around sensitive medical or industrial facilities, unusual hours, or with restricted access are all issues we have dealt with often and successfully.
  • Code updates - We routinely update structures and spaces to meet the latest code, seismic and ADA requirements. We have upgraded schools, offices and other buildings to meet these ever-changing requirements.
  • Quick response - We developed a modular approach to respond to your needs in a fast and efficient manner. We own and operate our own system of quick-response onsite facilities.
  • Program support — We have responded to owners who have multiple sites and a continuing need for support. We can provide ongoing support for any of the previously described situations.
  • Equipment installation — Often the installation of new equipment, fixtures, or furniture requires a specific team of specialty contractors and management of that team. We work with suppliers and installers to make your new spaces and procedures work. Experience and teamwork make the difference.
  • And sometimes, just plain "weird stuff" — Sometimes a problem or situation arises that defies even the above descriptions. Call us — we won't laugh. We have disassembled and crated a cathedral-sized pipe organ for future reinstallation, converted a metal shop into a child-care facility in 10 days, built a 40-foot-high fence to keep baseballs from a high school field from continually peppering a local neighborhood, and rapidly removed and replaced a portion of the roof of medical facility to crane in major pieces of new medical equipment. We always welcome a new challenge.

If you have any of these special situations — give us a call. Over the years, we have developed the expertise, the relationships and the equipment necessary to deal with the unusual.