Having worked with Todd on two projects long before he became "Brunner Construction," I was pleased to hear he had his own company. My experiences with him are always positive and professional. Todd is a great communicator and responsive to my needs, always doing what is asked of him. I would definitely use him again for future projects and absolutely refer "Brunner Construction" to my associates.

Greg Andrews
Construction Project Manager, University of Washington Medical Center
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At Brunner Construction Company,
we assess the challenges, see the possibilities,
and build new realities.

Growth means change. You know change can be an exhilarating experience, opening up new possibilities and opportunities. You also understand change will bring challenges, complexities, and obstacles.

Pacific Northwest

If you are a Pacific Northwest business owner or manager, you really know about change. It's all around you, accelerating, and not likely to slow down.

If you see this changing business environment as a growth opportunity, then you're the type of innovative person we can help.

If you are considering expanding, renovating, or building, it is probably a major step for your organization. The construction project will be critical to the future of your business, but construction must be subordinate to your ongoing operations.

To manage both your business and the expansion of your facility you are faced with some important issues:

  • You need to be able to closely plan and manage the project but it cannot consume the majority of your time — you have a core business to run.
  • You need to be able to control costs, time and impacts to ongoing operations, but this is not necessarily your area of expertise.
  • You need a team to depend upon, but building one from scratch doesn't meet your timetable or your focus.

To resolve these issues and move forward you will need an organization with team members you can depend on.

Workers with Drill
  • You need them to be competent: have a thorough knowledge of construction methods, be efficient in controlling costs, committed to establishing and keeping realistic schedules, and sensitive to potential impacts to your ongoing operations.
  • Your need them to be professional: responsive, dedicated, hard-working, and committed to effective communication with your team members.
  • You need them to be skilled in working in a collaborative environment: providing leadership that emphasizes team building, problem solving, listening, shared visions, and mutual respect.
  • You need them to be completely trustworthy: honest, forthcoming, dependable, and without duplicity.
  • You need them to be competitive in pricing their services with awareness and adherence to current market trends.

If these are the challenges you face, the choices you must make, and the values you insist upon, you will want to call Brunner Construction.

When it comes to construction, we work to make the complex manageable.

Learn more about our approach and how we partner together on your project.